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Becky Miller (right), Business Services representative for KCEOC Community Action Partnership, talks with Nancy Workman, human resources trainer with Senture, during a recent job fair held at the KCEOC and JobSight office in downtown Barbourville.

Jack Duff (left), manager of the Perry County JobSight workforce center, and Anita Napier with the KCEOC Community Action Partnership assist a job seeker who attended an Aug. 1 job fair at the KCEOC office in downtown Barbourville to apply for jobs with five top area technology-based call centers.

More than 100 people applied for jobs with five top area technology-based call centers at an Aug. 1 job fair in Barbourville, which was sponsored by KCEOC, EKCEP, and the JobSight network of workforce centers.

Miranda Miller (right) of the Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency assisted a job seeker during the KCEOC job fair in Barbourville.

A KCEOC staff member helped a job seeker begin a computer-based typing test as part of a job fair for people seeking jobs with area technology-based call centers.

More than 100 Attend Successful Regional JobSight Job Fair in Barbourville

Employers and event organizers were pleased that about 120 people attended a recent job fair in Barbourville seeking employment with five of the area’s top technology-based call centers.

Call centers from Knox, Laurel, and Whitley counties accepted applications at the event, which was organized by the KCEOC Community Action Partnership, the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program, Inc. (EKCEP), and the JobSight network of workforce centers. From 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., a steady flow of prospective employees came to the KCEOC offices in downtown Barbourville on Aug. 1 to file applications and speak to representatives from each participating company.

Applicants performed typing tests and other computer-based assessments inside the KCEOC offices prior to completing applications for employers of their choice. Becky Miller, Business Services representative for KCEOC, said those assessments were provided by the employers to help them choose applicants whose skills and abilities provide the best fit for their vacant positions.

“This setup really assists both the job seekers and the employers,” Miller said. “An applicant will know whether they have the skills the employers are looking for, and employers know they actually a have person of interest who is qualified to do the work.”

Helping assist employers with front-end human resources duties is one of the key business services offered through the JobSight network of workforce centers. The KCOEC office in downtown Barbourville is an access point in the JobSight network administered in 23 eastern Kentucky counties by EKCEP.

At JobSight workforce centers, job seekers and employers can access state and federal employment and training programs and employer services in a single location. JobSight links employers with the right employees through EKCEP’s Business Solutions services and activities.

Nancy Workman, a human resources trainer with London-based Senture, said the format of the job fair perfectly suited her company’s needs.

“It’s very helpful to us because we can now e-mail (Miller) and see how the applicants fared on their assessments before we decide who we’re going to interview,” Workman said, adding the company had nearly 50 applicants before event’s end. “This way, we find the right people with the skills we’re looking for.”

In addition to Senture, participating employers also included Data Trac, Infinity Business Group, Vangent, and Legend Suzuki. EKCEP representatives who assisted in the event included: Crawford Blakeman, Business Solutions manager; Jennifer Thacker, One-Stop manager; and Janie Hackney, One-Stop coordinator. Also assisting at the event were Lee Jones and Jack Duff, managers of the Clay County and Perry County JobSight workforce centers, respectively. Staff members from the Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency and Bell County JobSight supported KCEOC staff during the job fair.

Based on the success of the event, Miller said KCEOC plans to host two similarly formatted job fairs this fall tailored specifically to area manufacturing and healthcare employers.

“At JobSight, we help find jobs for people, and people for jobs, and this job fair definitely accomplished those goals,” Miller said.


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