Vic Adams
Job Title: 
Member — Higher Education
Biography Summary: 
Vice President and Chief Workforce Officer Dr. Vic Adams has almost 20 years experience at Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College (SKCTC) in Workforce, Community & Economic Development. Dr. Adams has served in many positions while at SKCTC, including training & development coordinator, associate dean of community & economic development, dean of community & economic development, and, most recently, vice president. The Workforce Solutions Division he oversees has seen an increase of 200 percent in the number of industry workers trained. During his tenure at SKCTC, he has implemented several new initiatives including the Kentucky Safety Training Institute, which provides training nationwide to various organizations including the U.S. Department of the Interior, Breaking Through, a program that takes under-skilled adults and provides training a support to gain employment in high wage, high growth jobs, and Accelerating Opportunities, which provides short-term training in high wage, high growth industry sectors to under-skilled adults in Eastern Kentucky. This program also includes additional training along career paths that enable employees to advance in their careers. Dr. Adams is married to Dee Dee Adams, and they have two grown sons, Tyler (Miranda) and Hunter (Sally), and three wonderful grandchildren.