Interapt announces expansion of Technology Jobs at the SOAR Innovation Summit; accepting first cohort at BSCTC Mayo Campus

Interapt, a Louisville-based technology firm, announced its plan to expand its company and help create a technology ecosystem in Eastern Kentucky at the Shaping Our Appalachian Region (SOAR) Innovation Summit in Pikeville.

Interapt is a leader in mobile app, healthcare, and manufacturing technology solutions, and is one of 10 global companies to be selected by Google as a Glass at Work partner. In 2015, Interapt was selected by research giant Gartner Group as a recipient of its “Cool Vendor” Award. In 2016, they were selected to present their solutions at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, the world’s largest technology conference.

“It’s an exciting moment in Interapt’s journey,” said Ankur Gopal, CEO and Founder of Interapt. We’ve always strived to be a Silicon Valley-esque company in Kentucky that is taken seriously by the entire tech industry, which we’ve accomplished. Next, our desire is to expand the technology footprint in our home state and provide new job opportunities for Eastern Kentuckians. We believe that with the proper training, support structure, and environment, people in Eastern Kentucky will thrive without having to leave their hometowns. That’s the beauty of technology and the opportunity it brings - If you have connectivity and the skillset, you can work wherever you want and make a very good living. We intend to make that a reality.”

Interapt has joined with the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP)—the workforce development organization that matches jobseekers with training assistance and employment opportunities in 23 Eastern Kentucky counties—and other partners as part of the TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY) Initiative.

“Our region is in transition, and we believe Interapt and the TechHire Eastern Kentucky Initiative will be key to creating new career opportunities in the global economy,” said Michael Cornett, EKCEP Director of Agency Expansion. “Interapt’s expansion into Eastern Kentucky is tremendous news not only for the growth and potential of the nascent tech business ecosystem that’s starting to take shape here, but also for the citizens of our region who need the opportunity to learn and intern in an industry-led, work-based environment leading to employment in middle- to high-skill tech jobs.” 

TEKY has been spurred by SOAR as well as EKCEP’s role as the regional lead in the White House’s designation of Eastern Kentucky as a national TechHire community. Interapt’s assessment and work-based learning internship program will begin later this year with 50 Eastern Kentuckians at the Mayo Campus of Big Sandy Community and Technical College (BSCTC) in Paintsville. 

“We are looking very forward to working alongside other companies and efforts in Eastern Kentucky to see how we can help continue to build the technology presence and create more technology jobs in the area,” said Gopal. “More density brings more opportunity.”